Commercial Build For Sale Poznań Poland

Commercial Building For Sale Poznań Poland

Price: On Application 

Plot area: 889 m2

Total area: 2,874.11 m2

Market: Secondary

Building type: Apartment Block

Year of construction: Historic

Building type:  Brick 

Listing number: 240686

Commercial Building For Sale Poznań

Commercial Apartment Block For Sale Poznań

Commercial building For Sale Poznań Poland

Relaxation areas

Commercial building for sale Poznań Poland:  

Building Year of construction: Historic (entry in the Register of Monuments) Area summary – plot area: 889 m2 – total area: 2,874.11 m2 Building floors – basement – ground floor – 4 floors – attic Layout Residential premises: 35 Service premises: 1 Unusable attic: 2 Location City Centre – part of Poznań, located in the city center, approx. 500 m from the Old Market Square, within the Stare Miasto Housing Estate. Investment potential – basement – adaptation for commercial premises (approx. 3 m high) – change of layout of rooms/premises – attic – adaptation into residential premises (renovation works in progress – insulation has been done) 

Old Town 

It is a historical district located in the city of Poznań, Poland. Situated in the heart of the city, it is known for its charming medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, and rich cultural heritage.

One of the main attractions in Old Town is the Old Market Square (Stary Rynek), which dates back to the 13th century. This vibrant square is lined with colorful buildings, lively cafes, and restaurants, making it a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. Here, you can admire the medieval Town Hall, which is a beautiful example of Gothic architecture and offers stunning views from its tower.

Exploring the narrow streets of Old Town, you will find a wealth of historical landmarks and attractions. The Parish Church of St. Stanislaus is another highlight, with its magnificent Baroque interior and breathtaking altarpiece. Nearby, the Franciscan Church and Monastery are worth a visit, showcasing an impressive collection of art and religious artifacts.

Art enthusiasts will appreciate the Art Nouveau-style houses, which can be found scattered throughout Old Town. These buildings serve as a reminder of the city’s cultural past and offer a glimpse into the architectural trends of the early 20th century.


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