Plots Of Land For Sale Dachowa

Price: 450 000 PLN

Price per m22: 284,26 PLN

Surface: 197 m2

Floor: Parter 

Destiny: Commercial/Service

Additional purpose: (premises)Commercial/Service

Market: Secondary

Offer Number: 3/12536/OLS


Plots of land for sale Dachowa

If you’re looking for a developed land property with a compact and rectangular shape. Then this complex of registered plots might be of interest to you. 

Located in a northern part of the local zoning plan, the plots are available for sale as a whole or in individual plots. The property also has access to an asphalted municipal road with internal roads connecting the other plots to it. 

One of the plots is a drainage ditch, which provides an important infrastructure feature. The land of the plots is undeveloped, overgrown with mid-field vegetation, and in the northern part, there are trees that provide a beautiful and natural setting.

According to the local zoning plan, the plots are located in single-family residential development areas with permissible non-intrusive service development, public access roads, areas for woods and trees and forest management facilities, and open waters. 

This makes it an inviting prospect for those looking for a residential development area, especially with the infrastructure already in place

Land For Sale Dachowa Poland

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Hi, I am Magdalena Mróz your agent to this commercial building in Dachowa Poland. If you would like to find out more contact me by the registration form. 
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